Post psi-fi & 2nd live performance

March 28, 2010

So Psi-Fi should be officially ending in an hour or so. The new executive council was announced in the ending ceremony, and Tiger (Arsalan Akram), Saman, Anam & Imran were in it, among others. I find these four particular appointments the best. Reasons? These seem to be genuinely nice people who have no complaints against others, who themselves wear no black marks, and who treat everyone with respect. This is good news in a batch of students that by itself is in only a feigned state of “unity” (though admittedly more united than the other batches of LUMS I think), because people working under them (the four appointees) can trust them fully, or their intentions at least. As long as you’re united and trust in each other, the outcome is irrelevant.

Saad Khalid and I also performed at the event’s concert. We performed “Suicide By Star” of GiaA – we had our own backing track, and we played guitars on top. It went OK; nothing exceptional, could’ve improved. This was my second-ever musical performance (I had screwed up my first) and I was pretty nervous when I went on stage. I made a fool of myself in the soundcheck, hitting bad notes. But once the backing track started, I felt better. I was almost at ease by the end of it. Hopefully, the third time will be really good, and really energetic.

Oh, and I found out the converting 1/8″ cables to 1/4″ and then connecting them to the mixer board doesn’t give bad sound… this was very unexpected after my own previous problems and the whole impedance-mismatch jazz… (basically you need to match input and output impedances on devices to get the best, noise-free sound). When you plug a guitar directly into your PC mic-in or line-in via an adapter/converter, you perform an impedance MISmatch which explains the bad sound quality of the guitar. The backing track was playing through a laptop, and the output sound was the one being converted from 1/8″ to 1/4″ – I was expecting another impedance mismatch between the mixer input and laptop sound output. I was wrong. Will have to look into it…


3 Responses to “Post psi-fi & 2nd live performance”

  1. Crass of me to be asking for this but is there any way I could download Cornerstoned.mp3?

  2. And Attitude (Rough Taken)?

    Yeah, I’ve been giving them tries and they’re my type. Mhm.

  3. aerial_meds Says:

    It’s all here on Just click a title and it should download.

    Thank you. It is kind of an aim to make the music not too distant and inaccessible.

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