just great…

April 5, 2010

Oh, great. Brilliant. Everybody’s a f***ing artist now, isn’t he? The ones who actually have to develop their skill and devote a hell lot of time to it, missing out on other regular stuff like books, movies, sports…missing out on conversation, missing out a life…they get nothing.

They too should just get in the good books of social animals…. form a bigger social circle, get praise from all around, liked by everyone… "artists"…


2 Responses to “just great…”

  1. Asfandyar Says:

    learn to insulate yourself I suppose. The amount of times I’ve heard people call some worthless quasi-damien-rice-but-even-fucking-worse-oh-wait-i-have-no-idea-what-experimentation-is an ‘artist’ just to get brownie points is amazing. and annoying.

    heard some of your stuff. industrial’s not really my thing, but i’m thoroughly digging the fact that you’ve created the right atmosphere (Y)

  2. aerial_meds Says:

    I know… but its not easy when something you’ve been denied for so long is being given out liberally to those who, IMO, haven’t paid their dues…

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