I know I just posted, but…

April 19, 2010

…but this is so cool.

this is so cool.

this is sooo cool.

This is bandcamp, a FREE website for musicians to share (or download for FREE) their music, in all sorts of formats to satisfy every kind listener. The website is clean, simple, and beautiful. Plus, there’s the whole physical CD and buying aspect to it too. This is the future people.

And I just started using this website, there are so many artists there to check out! Here’s a random one, a nice indie soft-rock ditty. This is Empires.


One Response to “I know I just posted, but…”

  1. aerial_meds Says:

    PS: In my excitement, I posted a song that by itself isn’t free. However, if you check out the discography column on the right of music.weareempires.com, their earlier releases might be free!

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