the end of all ends

April 30, 2010

It’s hard to describe this song and not sound repetitive and redundant and the same time. But I will say this – the weird synth/guitar in the song, the one which seems to be a continuous, long note with altering distortion (or feedback or something, I don’t know), it hits the old ticker like a sledgehammer. All your sadness, misery and pain has been compacted into it. The length of the note, and its variable,changing distortion represents represents your own heart… bending, compressing, changing shape… under the stresses of life, under the weight of living itself.

And the song… the song is saying, “It’s okay, it’s okay, you’re not alone in this. Shelter yourself, protect your heart. You’re bruised… Take a break, let yourself heal…”


2 Responses to “the end of all ends”

  1. Tsk. Leh. You’re my twin in this regard.

  2. aerial_meds Says:

    What, you like the BMG as well? That is just killer.

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