update 2

June 10, 2010

I’m slowly coming off my routine, and almost getting into a productive one involving some music-making and self-study. I’ve regulated my sleep hours and my eating atleast, so hopefully I’m closer.

But all is not good.

One problem of being in LUMS, and that too in the first batch of a new science school of its, is that you’re bombarded by overachievers. Even if thats not a fact, even if you’re actually better than average, you can’t help bumping into this bunch. Social networking, being the addiction it is, you can’t help but scout around and come across all these people with their busy, productive lives, constantly engaged in one project or another (and relating to their major). Some are writing articles, some are reading articles & books, others are busy inventing algorithms in internships… it goes on. You check into your college email account, and even there you’re reminded of them one way or another. You’re constantly reminded of how inferior and unworthy you are. Its depressing.

So what do you do?

Well, the only thing I can think of is to stick to your gifts, whatever they may be….because these people are sticking to theirs, and it so happens that these people are passionate precisely about what they’re doing in college.
I’ll get something done soon, hopefully. Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy some beautiful, ambient music.


3 Responses to “update 2”

  1. After your comment-assault (which I liked) on my blog, here I am. With my very own ammo.

    But first, I put down my machine gun as I say this, I’m so glad to have found another ambient music listener. Honestly. If I ever bump into you, I’ll steal your iPod or mp3 player. Promise. Now back to post-hunting in your blogmazon.

  2. aerial_meds Says:

    Thank you!

    I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed! I’ve just touched ambient, really. I’ve downloaded stuff by Brian Eno and others (check out http://carlsagansghost.com), but I still haven’t gotten to the point of liking all of it. Seems that I like certains kind of ambient, for now.

  3. aerial_meds Says:

    Come to think of it, now I know the kind of ambient music I prefer – the kind from artists who aren’t ambient musicians in the first place!

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