Ho! Smooth Jazz!

June 12, 2010

Ho! After listening to some great stuff by Xerxes (Mimmis, live video), I remembered of Amethystium (both are electronica/new-age artists). I noticed that both artists were Norwegian, so I googled something like “new age music norway”. You see, I was under the impression that Norway, like Sweden and the likes, was famous internationally, in the music aspect, for metal. Listening to Xerxes and recalling Amethystium, I thought maybe Norway might be an exception and a place for new age music instead of metal.

The google search led me to newagemusic.nu, which is some sort of new age music portal for news, reviews, interviews and the like. The exact article that the search led me to was this. Incidentally, it lists Amethystium as an influential artist! Good, good! The man needs, and deserves, success!

Eventually I ended up adding the website to my RSS client.

Today, I was once again listening to Xerxes (Cleopatra) when I remembered of Smooth Jazz, a funky, groovy dance-able version of Jazz (which I haven’t-really-heard-properly-but-think-is-dry). How did I make this connection, now? Well, like I had been neglecting new age for some time, because it was a new genre of music for me that I hadn’t touched too much, smooth jazz was another such genre (thanks to Chris Standring for introducing it to me! Good musician). I thought, maybe there’s a nice portal for smooth jazz too, like the one I found for new age earlier. So I google smooth jazz, and I come across this ugly looking website of the same name. Just when I’m about to close it, I notice a radio section to the left! Nice! I checked it out right away! So far it sounds really good, all the songs they’ve played are, well… really good!

So now, I’ve added the link to the radio station in my links list. Do listen!

And here is a sample of smooth jazz:-


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