July 28, 2010


“I can’t decide if Chevelle has created the most accessible album in hard music or if Chevelle has created the hardest album in accessible music. Either way you look at it, when Chevelle comes across the radio airwaves you won’t want to change channels. You will sit back in your car and be wowed; either that or your foot will hit the gas pedal a bit heavier than normal. “

Haha, I love this!

Wonder What’s Next blew me away too (credit should go to Garth Richardson for the excellent production too). Unfortunately, Chevelle kind of lost its way after it. Their next three albums just weren’t as good, I just never manage to enjoy them for as long as I did with this one (which was about, 6 months I think?). Of the next three, Vena Sera stands out because of its mixture of groove, drive and crunch, but it still wasn’t as great a package as a whole.

Still waiting for these guys to come back into action. A return to the sound of Point #1, but with more modern production, wouldn’t be bad.


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