under the red hood

August 1, 2010

Saw it today. I was totally engrossed (if though I knew the story beforehand). Amazing movie.

Though I do wish that batman had a more solid, better reason (watch it to find out what I’m talking about). The one used here could’ve been refuted, could’ve been further argued to negation.

I also wish that Jason had triumphed in the fight. It would have conveyed just how angry he was, and how much stronger (for better or worse) his anger had made him, angry enough to win that important fight and prove his point.

But that’s it, just two small complaints. Fantastic movie, do watch it.

PS: I don’t really discriminate between the quality of voice acting, but the Red Hood’s voice actor (Jensen Ackles) and that of the Joker’s (John DiMaggio) nailed it. Just perfect for the roles. And this version of the Joker is a behemoth. I hope we see this version again sometime. Here’s a clip:-


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