the very first list of epic shares (striking several birds with one stone)

August 3, 2010

1. Saba and Huma Imtiaz‘s and Nusrat Hussain‘s interview on the brilliant show “On the Fringe“, back in 2005 on the what-I-discovered-only-a-few-years-ago-as-a-not-so-brilliant channel Indus Music (now “MTV Pakistan“…. ick!).

(the other five parts are on the channel.

S & H Imtiaz made possibly the first ever internet magazine on the pakistani music scene 6/7 years ago, by the name of “BandBaja“. Unfortunately, I discovered it too late and it died before I could read and save every article there.

Nusrat Hussain was an early member of both the Vital Signs and Junoon, and hence had some juicy details on their infant days.

2. An interview of Nadeem Farooq Paracha by Omer Tariq, for BandBaja, back in 2003.

Are you surprised that the people of mist third world countries are rather ignorant about aggressive and exploitative corporate designs and their impact on society, art, etc., whereas there a whole lot of anti corporate and anti globalization movements happening in the West?

I am more disappointed than surprised. Because most people in the country sometimes equate the concept of progress and modernization with the arrival of Nike outlets and McDonalds joints. But what is even more scary are certain young people who seem to equally passionate about tableeghi propaganda and as well as cynical corporate thought. That’s a pretty warped thing to do, really. But it’s done so very conveniently.

Why havent you written for The Friday Times? That’s a pretty progressive magazine.

[Scratches his head and thinks hard] Well… I wonder how progressive is the act of juxtaposing trivial high society bull**** with serious pieces on politics and literature?

3. The opening credits scene from the animated film, Batman/Superman: Public Enemies. Music by Christopher Drake.

Just play it from 0:21, and hear it swell into the main melody at 0:29. E-P-I-C.

4. The opening background track by Harry Gregson-Williams to the movie Deja Vu

Play it from 1:00,  it goes into the main, beautiful melody around 1:18.

5. And what will perhaps be the most popular item of this post from among the 2-3 readers I have, a “Youtube Poop”! Sounds funny already! This one is based on the Super Mario Brothers cartoon:-

The first two minutes are hilarious! Yoshi’s rude laugh at Luigi especially!

6. “Shadows” by the Blue Man Group off their 1999 album “Audio”. It’s a short, 2 minute instrumental but it sounds beautiful. Listen at the 480p setting if possible.


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