cire – phantoms in the sky

August 7, 2010

This is what you choose, to kill and be enclosed

Sheltered by the news, ’cause it’s difficult to choose

So let us all decide what you should know

And stay too busy to keep up with the truth

How ’bout you ignore the world beyond our shores

And leave the rest to me, so you won’t feel guilty

See I’m a guy like you, easily confused

So I stick to my guns, and god tells me where to shoot

And angels guide the bombs straight to guilty homes

So when they hit a child it was probably in the wrong

To you they look the same one threat with different names

As long as we’re at war, we can count on your support

So keep going to church, keep worshipping words

Immerse yourself in work, you’ll get what you deserve

Put a fake smile on your face, and find someone to hate

’cause they need your control, and they deserve the blame

See it’s easier that way, you never have to feel

And you can close your eyes inside your house upon the hill

And never have to look into their crying eyes

That wonder why your heart belongs to phantoms in the sky

Instead of your fellow man, who you sentence to die

They wonder why your heart belongs to phantoms in the sky

Instead of your brothers and sisters who you sentence to die

They wonder why your heart belongs to phantoms in the sky

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12 Responses to “cire – phantoms in the sky”

  1. Strange. I sang this song with a friend playing a guitar behind me. Small world, then.

  2. Strange. I sing this a lot. Stop sharing songs, tsk.

  3. … Oh shit, WordPress told you two things about me. Too many comments now. No more spamming for the next two weeks.

  4. Ms.TS Says:

    This song, it’s one my all time favourites <3

  5. Ms.TS Says:

    its one of* my

  6. Ms.TS Says:

    Well, i’ve heard a couple of songs like domestic, edge of consciousness,adrenlogical.. they sound like tool i think, but still different.
    Thats my opinion anyway.

    • aerial_meds Says:

      Yeah, kinda like Tool-lite. And thats not a bad thing at all. Cire is really, really good. And political. You don’t see that a lot.

      Check out “Highly Specific” if you can. Its on youtube. And “Luca” too (beautiful opener!)

  7. Ms.TS Says:

    i agree, hence |”different”
    and i did check those two out. Highly Specific was brilliant. Luca, it was mesmerising, specially the opening.
    i like your choice, suggest some more?

    • aerial_meds Says:

      Being asked for my suggestions for new music is making me so happy, haha!

      I have some artists on the left of this blog – most of them are there because I find them talented. Try “dark gods” by between the zones, “pvc iv” by blue man group, and “increasing pressure” by carl sagan’s ghost! First two are on youtube, second I’ve shared on my latest post.

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