R-rated disney

August 7, 2010

…no, not really. Though I would still want to avoid trash like Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers.

I went through several Hollywood-related posts on Cracked, and while several of them showed what a bloated, greedy mess it (Hollywood) is (not surprising though I guess, if you take it and the music industry as analogues), one of the posts that really hit me was this one.

This particular post tells of how seven of Disney’s famed animations are actually borrowed from hardened, perhaps even gruesome, stories. Now, while I haven’t seen or remember them all, I do respect the Disney of old and in all seriousness I fully appreciate it for whatever level of innocence and happiness it contributed to my childhood and that of many others…but this new information I received was very unsettling. Makes you think that idealism and human naivety is just a human creation with no truth at all. An illusion made just to comfort you.


2 Responses to “R-rated disney”

  1. Taimur Says:

    wow, i didn’t know this. i shiver at the last mermaid story…

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