August 12, 2010

So, my stupid, weak little laptop has died. It was old and tired, but it was a good companion nonetheless. I could get a lot of work done on it, make music, browse a lot of the ‘net… whereas the clunky old huge pile of metal known as the desktop PC is just horrible to even look at. It so huge and immovable, its really hard to work on it (and believe me, I have work to do). Damn thing occupies the whole damn table too. Lappie was nicer, it only took half the table and had a movable screen.


The bastards at Dany Tech finally returned my mp3 player, returning it after a goddamn 5-6 weeks instead of their supposed 10-day-max service time. It’s working fine now, with one problem – the shit-heads returned it with halved storage capacity. I bought it for 4GB, ignoring better-looking, recommended players simply because they had a 2GB space. And now, what, I’m back with 2GB? Brilliant. Fantastic. Haraamzaday.


So, its Ramazan. I know I shouldn’t be cussing in Ramazan, heck I shouldn’t cuss anytime. But please, there’s a difference between the spoken word and thought – this blog, and all in it… these are thoughts. I can keep my tongue in check enough not to swear out loud, but not the thought. Isn’t that what is called “control” anyway? You can control your outside appearance, but your inside – what makes you up, what sensations you feel, what you think – these are uncontrollable, right?

So its Ramazan, and I’m getting all the stupid “Ramazan Mubarak” wishes on my cell and on my fb. What freakin’ “mubarak” Ramazan? We have been hit by our worst floods ever in the last 80 years – a crisis that is STILL in its early-middle stage at best – and we have a mubarak Ramazan on our hands? There are little relief efforts, diseases are cropping up or are expecting to anytime soon, and the flood seems to be heading south towards Sindh as well now. Mubarak Ramazan? This is no mubarak Ramazan.

Another thing pissing me off about Ramazan is the Taraweeh. Suddenly, some of my friends have a “filled soul” since performing it yesterday. What utter bull. I don’t buy it. Sure isn’t the kind of softy religious-o crap I believe in.

But you know what really “fills up” my soul? This:-

This is not the only ad I see in The News that pisses me off. Apparently, our cinema’s are showing Ms. f***ing new-millennium Teresa‘s flicks too. How I hate her.


There is new music or any WIPs in particular – I dropped the guitar and the home-studio ever since my last attempt. I was too disappointed. I decided to give myself a break. It might last a couple of months.


I am listening to some ambient music after a while. Carl Sagan’s Ghost. Currently testing Especially for Them and At the End of it All. The man is a workaholic. But more on him, and other good new music, soon.


Lastly, I’m throwing away my intentions of making this place a little more relatable to the average local internet-using youth. Screw that. Its too much work. This blog is supposed to be an accessory for me, not a diversion. In the end, you can’t make everyone happy anyway – so you’re better off just trying to please yourself. As for my worries of not getting “hits”? I’ll get there. One of the things I’ve learnt through trying to make music is that I’m a latecomer – I start slow, but I get there, eventually. When I started, years ago, by messing around with FL Studio, with no guitar or keyboard, I made bad, cheesy music and I didn’t know any theory and had no training. I didn’t know how I’d improve, how well I’d improve, if I’d improve. But I did. I know I did, and nobody can make me deny that. I’m surprised I’ve reached the level (however low it still is) I am at now. So…I’ll get there…. I’ll get there.


One Response to “update”

  1. F. Says:

    “In the end, you can’t make everyone happy anyway – so you’re better off just trying to please yourself.”

    Very well said. I’m quoting you.

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