far away fountain

October 31, 2010

On the weekend after my mid-semester examinations, I was itching to make some music. I hadn’t touched the guitar or any DAW in quite a while, so really, I just cranked up the distortion, put on some earphones and played away. Eventually, I came up with a small song. Could be extended into a 3+ minute fully-fledged song ofcourse, but that takes a lot more time, practise and patience, stuff I’m short of these days.


This is the rough, recording mix. I added a compressor on top of the whole thing to raise the volume.


This is the more polished, produced mix I just made:


If you enjoyed it, share it/spread it please.


2 Responses to “far away fountain”

  1. aerialmeds Says:

    …no idea what the problem is. Working just fine for me. Even “save target as” seems to be working.

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