hungry beast

November 20, 2010


Every aspect of our lives have been pervaded by corporations. We eat not just fresh, simple food grown from local farms, but processed food (sometimes “organic” processed food) packaged by corporations, or fried up at chain restaurants. Coffee brewed by Starbucks. Computers made by Apple. Programs from Microsoft and Adobe. Shoes by Nike, clothes by Gap, homes by Crate & Barrel. We spend time at the malls, watch TV shows and movies made by major entertainment conglomerates, read books and magazines and newspapers by those same conglomerates, listen to our iPods, watch on the iPad, talk on the iPhone or Blackberry, get our email through Google or Apple, say hello on Facebook, get our news from CNN and The New York Times Company, do our workout at Gold’s, eat our Weight Watchers, connect via Verizon.
What part of our lives isn’t controlled by corporations? A tiny portion, one that’s shrinking rapidly.
Consider: a corporation wants to maximize profits, and to do so it will often cut corners, endangering our health and the environment. It will deceive us so that we will spend our money on its products. It will treat its employees horribly, to cut costs and drive up production. It will treat living, feeling animals like objects to be manufactured, cut up, processed, fried and packaged, ignoring the suffering of those animals because profits matter, not compassion. It will happily make us fat, because it knows that selling fried food devoid of nutrition is good for profits, while we die from heart disease and diabetes and cancer. Our earth is being devastated, which is good for profits but not for us as humans.
It’s time to stop this madness. The corporation is a hungry beast, and we keep feeding it. Let’s walk away, and let it die from hunger. Let’s free ourselves, and create a world where living things are more important than profits.

What ticks me off is how companies keep on pretending to be our “friend”. They create mascots, happy little advertisements and fun slogans to show that they have a human, friendly side. Which I find hard to believe, given how profit-driven companies are (by definition?). I’d give more respect to a company or a brand that acknowledges its motive upfront and tries to strike a “deal” of sorts with its customers: We want something the company has. The company wants$ $omething that we have. Yet, people still fall far for it. Or choose to ignore it. Hello, sunshine.

Dear Students,
As you all are aware that Unilever is conducting its Lipton Talent Hunt all over Pakistan. Its a 3 weeks long activity in which LTH pits together graduating students from Pakistan’s premier business institutes for a marketing challenge.
This year’s LTH task is to re-position Lipton so that it connects better with its target audience. LTH teams are to use both digital media and on-ground activation to promote their campaigns, spending within the allocated seed money.
‘JUMP STARTERS’ is one of the teams from LUMS that got shortlisted for the second phase of the competition.
Now due to the nature of the activities involved they require volunteers. If you’re a freshman/soph/junior planning on participating in the LTH in the future, join them this year for valuable insights on the whole experience- from planning to execution.
Get a taste/experience of LTH for next year.
Learn from the past experience of the team members who have won prizes at Nascon, LCCI BIC and CIMA Global Business Challenge ’10.
A chance to interact with known personalities of media & advertising industry.
Learn about brand management, event management, digital marketing & Ad-Making.
Free invites to high profile premium events from all over Lahore specially exclusive brand launches and concerts.
Lipton gift hampers and souvenirs.
Those of you who are interested in becoming part of ‘LTH Jump Starter’, email at <XYZ>, with your name and contact number, by Wednesday (27th October) 5 PM
Team Jump Starters:

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