the unthinkable

December 7, 2010

The unthinkable has happened.

I got tired of music channels several years ago. They aired bad music – lame, pseudo-sincere hacks vying for popularity alone. During my A levels my school had some music nights as well – at first I was blown away, the sound system was pretty good by my standards then. But that was because I had no such thing in my previous schools. It started to wear out – I was getting tired of the same old routine of an acoustic guitar, a ‘sensitive’ song and a pretty voice (or an atif -jal voice in the case of guys). Chord-based songs, most of the time. Not complex chords or anything, just the usual majors and minors, stuff you’d find typically on the tv. I got turned off of chords then. It has continued through my college days (they’re not doing much of a better job, either).

So the unthinkable has happened today. I have finally come to love chords. Check out the choruses:-

I have come to love chords. Thank you Page Hamilton.


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