insaaf tigers

January 27, 2011


By an “insaf tiger”:

The reason why pakistan is in the pitts and why India is progressing fast…is that India is not ruled directly from the white house and whereas Pakistan is.The US will never let any Muslim country progress and let it have a dmocracy, as its not in their interest and that of the Zionists.

You can argue about this and and put forward all kind of reasons and arguments, until the cows come home, but if you can not get this, you will never understand anything at all about the US and its supressive attitude towards Pakistan and Muslim countries.

We have to cut the chains that have been put on to us by the US (Zionists)once for all, before we can breath freedom in Pakistan……I can see all those brain washed Pakis living in the US, looking the other way and not acknowledging the fact, the same our our Munafik generals and their lost offspring together those who have lost their way (sining Hum Nahin, hum nahin) and can not see the horizon and are doomed for ever.



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