RibsOut compilations

February 26, 2011

The music-sharing blog, RibsOut, has gone on a bit of a hiatus, and has released some compilation albums as an ending note. Check them out, you’ll probably get exposed to LOTS of good, independent and/or DIY bands. I myself have only just started dl-ing the slude/doom collection.

Post-Rock compilation

Slude/Doom compilation

Noise/Drone compilation

“Other music” compilation

I’ll kill two birds with one stone by recommeding the band Monolith, also on the slude/doom compilation. They have their first EP, w/ a bonus demo track, available for download on www.gimmesound.com/monolith

Monolith also had a split disc with the awesome Voyager/VYGR sometime in 2010, which featured two new Monolith tracks and four Voyager tracks.

Voyager also has a 2008 self-titled EP that you could google around to download, it has two extremely amazing tracks – Crushing Winds and Surfacing. Crushing Winds is a mammoth, trudging towards you in slow, giant, heavy steps. While Surfacing seems to stand out (to me) somehow as the theme of the EP itself, ending in some amazing synth epicness.



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