March 15, 2011

1 Carl Sagan’s Ghost has released “Talking in Technicolor“.

2 Stolearm released a crazy-ass cover (as expected) of Ministry (which I haven’t even check out yet in full)

3 I listening to Neurosis’ latest release, which is blowing my brains away so far.

4 I am re-listening to BT’s This Binary Universe (and hoping to d/l its visuals-DVD soon), and re-discovering Mew.

5 I am listening to old Karavan, VS and Sajjad Ali records. Appreciating Karavan for their guts and sound, appreciating VS and Sajjad Ali for their production. The music isn’t bad either!

6 I am trying to listen to 6LA8 and Bigotry

7 I am giving Handsome a try because of Peter Mengede, post-hardcore, Helmet and 1997.

There’s so much to do, and so little time… and so little hard disk space! Still have pending albums and artists I wish to check out, and even more are coming my way! (Bass Communion, Hammock, Brian Eno, Intermix, Quicksand). Other than this there’s lots of RSS feeds needing catching up on, and lots of web-bookmarks to organize and prune….damn studies.

I’m going mad!



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