November 23, 2011

Lord knows I’ve never lost a fight/

‘Cuz in my mind I’m always right/

I shake my head not to hear you/

I’m running in circles of my truth.

And I buy answers once a week/

We nod our heads, like drones we speak/

And there’s no way millions could be wrong/

So I know exactly where I belong.

Now with closed eyes I walk/

Now with closed ears I talk/

Let me make your mind clean/

See how much nothing means to me

It’s a good thing some of us are blessed/

To criticize your emptiness/

My fanatical eyes speak more about me that my lies

I would die for my beliefs!

Not only does the song ring true for the people of my country, but its got great bass too! Listen to that bass drum kick! And the bass guitar rumble with it! And those beautiful, water-y guitars in the end!


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