April 24, 2012

Who are you?

What do you believe in? What do you hold to be true? To be fact, to exist?

What if everyone turned against? What would you do if they all disagreed, and that too in complete unison?

What if they all laughed at you?



I remember glancing at an article, years ago, that related to peer pressure. Multiple people in a room were asked the same questions, though they were all in on it except one of them, who was the subject. On any question that the subject had an obvious, direct answer to, the rest disagreed. They gave a different answer, they all gave the same answer. And just as confidently.

What does that do to you, a normal, sane person? It starts slowly, with mild confusion, and eventually with each obvious answer you get wrong, you become more doubtful of yourself. Pretty soon you’ll start thinking you’re just plain effing stupid. Dumb. Unworthy. Without value.

Or are you so confident of yourself that you’ll stick? Argue over why you alone are right and the many others are wrong or lying? Are you that unbreakable? Are you that damn sure of yourself?

What happens when people laugh at you? Its similar. You did, or believe in, something stupid that you don’t recognize, and its being responded to in cohesive mockery. You’re actions and ideas are dumb and worthless. Since they represent you, you yourself are laughably dumb and worthless.

Or are you carved of such hard stone that you won’t let it waver you? Won’t let it affect what you think is stupid or right or true?


ARE there any such people? HOW did they make themselves such? Were they born that way or did they learn harshly out of repeated failure and humiliation?




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