a find

April 26, 2012

Stumbled into something really cool today on that massive, addictive, loneliness-inducing monster known as facebook – God Himself!

Here‘s a quote for a sample:

Mike Gillespie asked, “y do you really have this page???”

9/11. I looked down and ye, I saw that it was not good. Humans need to relax about the whole ‘religion thing.’ Plus, I realize that people think I’m some huge asshole. So I’m trying to connect with the people of the world and do My Own PR for once.

I believe this already and I’ll state it here too – we need to stop obsessing over religion (and politics!). So this page presents a much-needed lighter (and offensive!) side to religion (Christianity specifically, of course) and God.  And yes, I can see some misogyny, okay actually quite a bit, but jeez come on. The entire point is to be more relatable to the normal person. Which means there’s going to be similar jackass-edness too (and its some southpark guy after all). And ofcourse, there’s going to be jackasses participating too. In the end it really is up to yourself to not to be an idiot and take & do everything sensibly.


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