There is no ‘The One’: Part II

November 12, 2015


I’m no longer religious. I’m less judgemental and less docile. And I no longer wish to lead a humble life. Simples, yes — I just hate chaos and needless fire-killing.

The me that exists now wants to consume the world. I want to see everything, do everything, learn everything, and live to tell about it.

It’s a ridiculous proposition, but it’s there, eating me away with the passage of time. No matter what I do, how hard I move my limbs, I cannot outrun life itself. It will consume me, leave me devoid of one thing or another. It’s apt, in a way — the greedy man is the one to get eaten up.

I no longer want a simple woman, or a simple family. I want to see ambition, art, drive. Intelligence and style. I want to see a hunger, a search similar to mine. For growth and experience. For living.

I will be eaten up.


One Response to “There is no ‘The One’: Part II”

  1. Apart from Christ, you will be eaten up.

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