I’m a EE major college student and a self-learning musician-producer from LUMS SSE, Lahore, Pakistan. This blog started out as a tie-in with my artist website sites.google.com/site/aerialmeds, but it fast became a random place for me to vent out at, or share, anything at all. Anythings and nothings, just to keep this place alive.

Here as some of my better demo pieces:-


For the record:-

Primary influences: God is an Astronaut, Nine Inch Nails, Helmet, Between the Zones, Cire, & The Blue Man Group.

Secondary influences: Voyager/VYGR, Stolearm, HORSE the Band, Mute Math, HURT, Rammstein, Carl Sagan’s Ghost, Xerxes, Rom di Prisco, Tool, Athlete, Sigur Ros, Placebo, Deftones, Daft Punk, Katatonia, BT, Mew, Neurosis, Agalloch


Aside from music, I like to sketch sometimes. Reading was also an interest for a while, but dropped in importance too quickly and has stayed under for quite some time. I recently have an increasing interest in analog electronics. I am also devoid any political knowledge, or even lots of general knowledge for that matter…


I can be contacted at aerial[dot]meds[dot]888[at]gmail.com.



3 Responses to “About”

  1. F. Says:

    888? Superstitious much?

  2. aerial_meds Says:

    I have no idea what 888 means…

  3. B.ateeq Says:

    Think before writing… this world is nothing but an illusion…and everyone will know what they earned at the day of judgement… it will happen wether u believe it or not…

    And the Moon is eclipsed, and the Sun and the Moon are fused together, on that Day man will ask: “Where can I run?” No indeed! There will be no safe place. That Day, the only resting place will be your Lord. (Surat al-Qiyama, 8-12)

    I ask ALLAH to give hidaya to us all..aameen

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