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January 4, 2018

It’s so disheartening and mournful to been seen as inferior by those you considered friends and companions. Family is one thing, you didn’t choose where you were born. But when people you chose to have you in your life see you, explicitly or implicitly, as “less”, it really hurts. After all this time spent together, they can’t see where you come from. They can’t see your struggles and what you’ve been through, had to endure. To them you’re just “lazy”, “don’t make an effort” to change your life. What you are right now, where you are, it’s not enough for them, you need to be “more”. When your issues act up and cause them hurt, it’s… unforgivable for them. Even after you reflect and apologize. How powerless that renders you. How much you grieve. All your good sides gone to the gutter, you were just your bad, difficult sides, nothing more.



January 2, 2018

Putting this here as a permanent reminder of sorts.




There is no ‘The One’: Part III

November 19, 2015


I will be eaten up. One thing remains, however — Other ‘me’s will have lived out my other dreams and goals. In other universes, where I am a king, or a god, or a hero. Or a savage villain, a killer, a murderer. Or a beggar, or a poet or artist. Everything I want to be and see exists, only in another plane of the universe. A parallel world, unseen and untouchable.

The me, right now? It’s just one such world, with it’s problems and it’s limited paths.

As for the woman of my dreams? She, too, exists in every world as a different form.

She even exists in multiples, right here in this word. An innumerable quantity I could spend a good life with.

But at the end, you just have to pick one. It is not ‘the one’, it is one of many that you will never see or meet.

There is no ‘The One’.

November 18, 2015

5-hour sleeps and somehow the weightlifting’s still going on.

Well, at least something’s working out.