June 5, 2010

I’m busy relaxing these days, since I got politely rejected by my college and didn’t get a single internship, internal or external. All the high GPA people got them, some of them  “especially talented” and honest.

So I’m hoping to start some self-study routine, I’ve got lots of previous material lined up that I need to revise so that maybe I’ll retain it this time around, unlike my A and O level education. Also, I could go a little ahead and learn some helpful stuff for later. Being a EE major, maybe I could make something of my own, even. Let’s see.

Music is quiet these days, I haven’t been very creative. I have some previous demos that I could finally refine or record but I don’t feel like it. Just tinkering around on the acoustic, trying to get my hands warmed up. Also I’ve rediscovered Katatonia – they have a really good mix of the heavy, the melodic, the sad and the atmospheric. I love it.


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